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Universität Basel

Graduate Center of the University of Basel

The University of Basel has educated talents since 1460. As an institution with a strong research background, Basel University hosts more than 2`600 doctoral candidates and several hundred postdoctoral researchers within seven different faculties.

The overall aim of GRACE, the Graduate Center is therefore to develop an innovative platform and a central venue for doctoral candidates and postdocs at the University of Basel. GRACE should create an environment for critical thinkers, stimulate exchange of knowledge beyond the own disciplines and offer spa:ce for creative mind sets. The long-term goal is to establish a graduate culture in Basel, which effects scientific careers beyond the research activities at the University to ensure a life-long benefit for both, the researcher and the institution. Furthermore, an established Graduate Center will help to attract outstanding research talents from across the world to come to Basel.

Our Mission - Inform, Connect, Encourage (ICE)

Following a strong interdisciplinary approach, GRACE will emphasize a clear and structured information and communication culture (inform), supports inter- and transdisciplinary exchange (connect) and prepares for future challenges inside and outside academia (encourage).

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