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From Idea To Start Up

University of Basel Startups
University of Basel Startups (Image: David Walters)

We provide aspiring entrepreneurs with individual start-up support, entrepreneurship trainings, incubation programs, and connect you to a vibrant community of supporters and peers.

Whether you are a student with a bright idea or a seasoned professor with plans of founding a groundbreaking start-up, the Innovation Office has many ways in which it can support and guide you into the right direction. If you want to translate your science, technology or know-how towards impact, but are not sure whether a start-up is the right way to do it, we can also help you to define next steps.

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The launchpad for your startup

We aim to give tailor-made support depending on the needs of your start-up project. The following are some of the core areas where we can assist you:

  • Funding projects (see Propelling Grant)
  • Transformation from "lab thinking" to "startup thinking"
  • Project/start-up processes, setup & formation of a team
  • Finding a supportive network for projects from all fields
  • Strategic aspects of your project
  • Financing & foundation of the company

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