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General Secretariat

University of Basel, Kollegienhaus
University of Basel, Kollegienhaus (Image: © Mark Niedermann)

The General Secretariat supports the President's Board in its mission to continue developing the University of Basel as a modern, diverse and responsible institution characterized by excellence in its core fields of teaching and research, and in the areas of management and support.

It coordinates the activities of the President's Board, the Senate, the President's Council and the University Council. It is also responsible for the overarching areas of archives, collections, collaboration within the Upper Rhine region (Eucor alliance), the Legal Service, data protection, sustainability and quality development. In addition, it assists with the appointment of new professors, supports the President's Board’s strategic projects, supplies university management committees with analysis and figures, and provides technical and contentrelated expertise for professional surveys.

General Secretariat office

The General Secretariat office organizes the work of the President's Board and supports the Senate, the President's Council and the University Council as a pan-university advisory and decisionmaking committee. It is also responsible for coordinating staff appointments, and supports the university management in numerous other activities through research and analysis, assisting with projects and overseeing documentation around various topics, such as university rankings.

Eucor - The European Campus

The Eucor team at the University of Basel is responsible for activities relating to the alliance of five universities in the Upper Rhine region that aim to promote crossborder collaboration. The team prepares analysis and ideas, carries out projects and makes connections within the university alliance.

Archives and collections

The University Archives provide advice and support when it comes to for the organizing and storing business documents (record keeping, business administration). The university archivist is the contact person for all pending deliveries of documents to the State Archives of Basel-Stadt and for questions regarding the University of Basel’s academic collections.

Data Protection

The Data Protection Officer advises the President's Board, the faculties, other organizational units within the university, as well as the university administration on data protection issues. The services of the Data Protection Officer include, in particular, advising all university members on data protection law, preparation and reviewing of legal documents and processes necessary for effective protection when processing personal data at the university. Additional services include reviewing and supporting the drafting of contracts with regard to data protection, such as research, collaboration and service contracts.


The Sustainability Office initiates, supports and coordinates sustainability programs at the university, and implements its own projects in close collaboration with other areas of the university. It provides advice, raises awareness, makes sustainability-relevant activities visible and develops instruments for the longterm institutional implementation of sustainability at the University of Basel.

Quality development

The quality development team works with university members to establish and develop quality processes at the university. It coordinates periodical renewals of the university’s quality strategy and thus contributes to the implementation of the federal accreditation standards. In addition, the team supports and advises the university units on evaluation and monitoring processes, or carries these out itself.

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