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Current Projects

The current and future social challenges are enormous. In their daily work, the scientists of the University of Basel deal with the major issues of our time.
Private commitment helps talented students to successfully complete their studies, young academics to find their way into an academic career, and the best researchers to be recruited and retained in Basel. From participating in the scholarship fund of the University of Basel to financing infrastructure - the funding opportunities are numerous. Below we present our current projects:

How to support?

Dedicated and general-purpose funding

What do the Center of Excellence in Quantum Physics, the new Palm House in the Botanical Garden and a research project in Africa Studies have in common? All of these projects were made possible by private donors. They enable the University of Basel to attract excellent minds, build state-of-the-art infrastructure and conduct research at the highest level. As a rule, donors can choose to allocate funding to a particular field (dedicated funding) or leave the distribution of funds to the President’s Board (general-purpose funding).

Funds and foundations

The University of Basel currently administers around 60 different legally dependent funds and foundation grants, and around 20 legally independent foundations and associations. Funds and revenue from foundations constitute a substantial portion of private donations to the University of Basel. For new funding, a dedicated regulation specifies the topic or specialist field to be supported, as well as any name to be given to the particular fund. Donations can also be made to an existing fund. The University of Basel administers all private donations as part of the University’s assets. Funds and foundations within the University ensure that donations are allocated as effectively as possible in accordance with their specified purpose for the benefit of the University, while at the same time maximizing interest revenue from the University’s total assets in line with the investment policies approved by the University Council.

Inheritances and bequests

Naming the University of Basel in your will is a powerful expression of trust, denoting a special bond. We are happy to advise you personally and to guarantee the swift and faithful implementation of your wishes as specified. Here too, the benefits of central administration mentioned above will apply to each individual financial donation. We nevertheless recommend that you also seek advice from a trusted legal expert.

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  • Caroline Mattingley-Scott

    Head of Fundraising

    Caroline Mattingley Scott
    University of Basel President's Office Fundraising Petersgraben 35, Postfach
    4001 Basel
    Tel. +41 61 207 28 86
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