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University of Basel


The University of Basel is a research university with a high output of scientific publications and maintains strong partnerships.

World map with visualization of infection numbers and propagation routes of the coronavirus.
The website Nextstrain allows you to follow in real time how the novel coronavirus changes and spreads. (Screenshot: nextstrain.org, CC-BY-4.0)

Current research on COVID-19

Researchers from various departments and faculties of the University of Basel are actively contributing to manage and overcome the COVID-19 crisis. They are working on national and international studies, ensuring medical care and advising political decision-makers at the cantonal and national level. Further information on current research projects related to COVID-19 can be found on the Corona information page of the University of Basel.

Thanks to its research achievements, the university is regularly listed in the world's top 100 higher education institutions in various global rankings. The University of Basel consists of seven faculties in which it engages with a broad range of research activities in all basic scientific fields. It strives at creating a dynamic research environment and sees increasingly fierce competition as an incentive to continually improve and position itself both nationally and internationally. Its strength in research and innovation is based on the achievements of its researchers, some of whom are presented below.

Research News


University of Basel Vice Rectorate for Research

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