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International Office

International Office

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SAR Switzerland Section

The University of Basel has been a member of the international university network Scholars at Risk (SAR) since 2019/20. In cooperation with partner universities (host institutions), SAR arranges temporary research and/or teaching positions at universities in the SAR network so that persecuted academics from one country can continue their work in safety at a foreign host institution. The aim of SAR is to protect those researchers whose lives, freedom and well-being are under serious threat. The intention of the temporary stay is to enable scholars to continue their work and develop their professional network so that they can either return to their home universities as soon as the political situation permits or continue their careers at an institution in the host country or abroad.

The University of Basel can employ researchers and lecturers who officially receive SAR endangered status (risk of arrest, risk to physical security, etc.) as guests for up to 1 year, thereby offering them the opportunity to maintain ties to the academic community.

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  • Erich Thaler

    African Desk, Cooperation & Funding, Intern. Agreements

    Erich Thaler
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