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The University of Basel’s Corporate Design

The University of Basel’s current corporate design was introduced in 2015. It provides a consistent, recognizable visual identity that is both striking and elegant. The color branding in the color mint promotes a high level of recognition. The most significant graphic element is the “brand panel in mint”, which includes the University of Basel logo with descriptor, the university seal or, in certain cases, the supplementary logo of the organizational unit. The university uses the fonts Univers by Adrian Frutiger and Neue Swift by Gerard Unger/Linotype.

The visual concept of the umbrella brand enables both the university and the faculties and departments to be equally recognizable when they occur together in communications. This can be seen in the placement of the logo and the seal or supplementary logos in the header of various media. The use of these and all other design elements is outlined in the Brand Guidelines, which are mandatory for the entire university.

The University of Basel logo in German and English was developed by Karl Gerstner in 1990 and revised in 2014. It is protected by copyright and may only be used by the units and employees of the University of Basel. Organizations and individuals who are not members of the University of Basel must seek permission to use the logo and the corporate design.

For building signage, in special documents and on social media, a variation of the logo featuring the text below the graphic element may be used. The use of this variation requires the approval of the Head of Communication & Marketing.

Organizational units or departments within the university are discouraged from using their own logos. Organizational units that are already known under a different visual profile may continue using their logo as long as it conforms to the corporate design guidelines.

For frequently used office media (letters, reports, PPT, business cards, etc.), templates in German and English are available for use by any University of Basel staff.

The templates, along with all guidelines and design elements, are available in the intranet under “The University of Basel’s Corporate Design”.

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