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Grants for scientific retreats

In order to promote academic excellence at the University of Basel, the President’s Board of the university allocates annual grants to PhD students or Postdocs for the organization of a research retreats for junior Researchers at the University of Basel. While also fostering scientific exchange, the retreats offer PhD students and Postdocs the possibility to present their own research, to receive feedback and input for their research. The funds are awarded for disciplinary and interdisciplinary research retreats on an internal, national and international level as well as specific research retreats, such as PhD retreats or PhD days involving external experts.

Submission deadlines

1 February and 1 October

Budget information

Max. grant per event: CHF 10,000


Fill out application form online, print out the PDF version and submit it to us together with the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Concept and program
  • Detailed budget
  • Speaker(s) and their role

If the supervising professor does not participate in the retreat (list of participants/collaborators), evidence has to be provided that he or she is aware of the event taking place.

The application has to be submitted as a pdf file.

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