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Controlling & Procurement Coordination

University of Basel, Infrastructure & Operations, Controlling & Procurement Coordination
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The staff department is responsible for real estate management control and the procurement organization of the entire university.

In the context of real estate control, we are responsible for creating budgets, monthly reporting, and ensuring transparency in structural building cost centers and project costs through our variance analyses. Additionally, we are responsible for the contract administration of all lease agreements within the real estate sector. Providing financial guidance to all stakeholders within the real estate sector and conducting specialized financial analyses further complement our scope of responsibilities.

The primary task of procurement coordination is to oversee significant procurement activities at the university while adhering to the laws and regulations of public procurement. We provide support to various stakeholders throughout the procurement process and offer guidance on conducting public tenders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Karsten Fechtig at (karsten.fechtig@unibas.ch) Head of the Controlling and Procurement Coordination department.

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