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War in Ukraine

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Students and researchers from Ukraine rely on our support.

The University of Basel would like to offer refugee students and researchers from Ukraine the opportunity to live and work academically in Basel. On this website we provide an overview of the offers.

FAQs about the guest studies

  • What are the requirements for guest studies at the University of Basel for persons who have fled from Ukraine?

    The following proofs are required for guest studies of persons who have fled from Ukraine:

    1. Proof of enrollment in a related study program at the appropriate level at a recognized Ukrainian university (e.g., proof of enrollment in a bachelor's degree program in biology for a guest study program at the bachelor's degree level in biology).

      In the case of admission-restricted programs (Bachelor's programs "Medicine" and "Sport, Exercise and Health", Master's programs "Human Medicine and Dentistry" and "Nursing Science"), guest studies are not possible.

    2. Proof of protection status S

    3. For a guest doctorate additionally: confirmation of supervision by a first supervisor.

  • Do I need to have all documents translated for a visiting student application?

    For documents that are in Ukrainian, a translation in German or English should be attached. This does not have to be an official translation. If necessary, you can also do it yourself. The translation will then be checked internally at the university.

  • How do I apply for a guest study program at the University of Basel?

    • For a guest study at the University of Basel, I apply online for the respective study level via www.unibas.ch/application (see section "Ukraine: Visiting Students - Bachelor, Master, Doctoral Studies").

  • I studied medicine in Ukraine (human medicine or dentistry). Can I continue my studies at the University of Basel?

    No. The degree programs in human medicine or dentistry are subject to admission restrictions. In addition, special admission regulations and deadlines apply.

    • For foreigners, in addition to the general admission guidelines, the special provisions for the admission of foreign prospective students to study human medicine and dentistry must be considered. Ukrainian students do not usually meet these requirements, even if they have S protection status.

    • At most, a guest study in another field of study (for example, biology or chemistry) is possible, provided that the protection status S is available. In this case, please contact the Office of Student Affairs to clarify the possibilities.

    • Also, all admission-restricted programs (Bachelor's programs "Medicine" and "Sports, Exercise and Health", Master's programs "Human and Dental Medicine" and "Nursing Science") are excluded from guest studies.

    Please contact the study secretariat for clarification in this regard.

  • What financial support does the university provide for visiting students from Ukraine?

    Please contact the Social Counseling Service of the University of Basel (sozialberatung@unibas.ch). The university assumes that living expenses will be covered by the social welfare authorities (protection status S). In addition, the university can waive tuition fees and grant financial aid for teaching materials or travel expenses.








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