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University of Basel

IVIT Steering Committee

The IVIT Steering Committee is the main governing body at operational level. It is responsible for overseeing the various IVIT activities and initiatives, and coordinating the projects. 

The Committee’s main tasks and responsibilities are:  

  • Ensuring compliance with the IVIT strategy
  • Preparation of the master implementation plan on the basis of the strategy implementation plans of the central IVIT providers (ZIPs)
  • Assignment of the ZIPs to implement the strategy, monitor the fulfillment of objectives, and determine and introduce measures in the event of non-conformities or problems
  • Communication of strategic IVIT topics to university staff
  • Management of strategically important IVIT projects 
  • Implementation of the recommendations of the Strategy Committee for Information Supply and Information Technology (SIVIT) 
  • Ensuring IT risk management and adequate consideration of IT security
  • Development of IVIT regulations
  • Collaboration on ISIT-related matters; implementation and repeal of IT standards and directives in cooperation with SIVIT and the affected ZIPs

The President’s Board is supported in the exercise of IVIT tasks by the "IT Governance + Projects" team of the Administration.

The tasks and responsibilities of the steering committee are currently carried out directly by the President’s Board of the University of Basel.

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