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Construction Management

University of Basel, Infrastructure & Operations, Construction Management
New Construction Biomedicine 3D Rendering (Image: © Burckhardt Architekten)

The Building Project Management department (BPM) at the University of Basel is responsible for the execution of construction and infrastructure projects. Our focus is on quality, cost, and timelines, in alignment with the university's real estate strategy.

Following the formulation and reviewing of needs by the Portfolio Management team, we lead the project management process to handover (SIA Phases 2 to 5). We collaborate closely with experienced specialist planners during this process.

Our project management team consists of engineers and architects with diverse experience in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, process engineering, and technical building systems.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Head of the Building Project Management department,
Mr. Nicolai Balkow  (nicolai.balkow@unibas.ch).

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