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Installation during the Sustainability Week Basel showing a yellow bike hanging in a cubus
Image: Roger Langenegger, © University of Basel

Sustainability lies at the heart of the University of Basel’s core values, and sustainable principles are applied to research, teaching and operations. Sustainability is firmly anchored in the 2022-2030 strategy and in the university’s mission statement. The Sustainability Office initiates and coordinates numerous projects as one central entity.

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As a research institution of excellence, the University of Basel generates new knowledge in sustainability-related fields to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development plays an important role in the University of Basel’s curriculum, with the aim of training students and doctoral students to become sustainability change agents. Continual monitoring of ecological, economic and social metrics is the foundation of sustainable operational management.



Professor Jens Gaab, Professor for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, became the associated vice president for diversity and sustainability on the President’s Board in January 2018. In the video interview, he talks about sustainability highlights and how the university should continue to develop.

Working towards a sustainable university

In order to bring the multifaceted topic of sustainability to life at the University of Basel, your participation as employees and students is of vital importance. There are many useful tips for everyday university life on the office’s website. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding sustainability at the University of Basel. 




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