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Photo by David Walter

FEMtrepreneurs is an initiative of the Innovation Office of the University of Basel to promote equal opportunities in the Swiss start-up ecosystem, focusing on female entrepreneurs and leaders.

Promoting Female Entrepreneurship

In order to strengthen female entrepreneurship, we run a number of programs and connect FEMtrepreneurs with local ecosystems. 

We're proud to introduce our latest initiative, PropElle, a collaborative effort with Isabelle Siegrist of Sandborn. This program is designed to empower aspiring founders by equipping them with the skills to elevate their concepts to the next level.

PropElle by FEMtrepreneurs aims to address an overlooked need, striving to make a significant impact and bridge the gap in investments directed towards female entrepreneurs leading startups.

We are also part of a swiss-wide network of higher education institutions fostering female academic spin-off activities. 

Vision: With our partners Impact Hub, WeHub India, HBA and womenmatters, we reinvent how FEMtrepreneurs interact and thrive, thus increasing the number of female leaders and entrepreneurs in Switzerland and beyond.

We are always keen to meet new collaborators or supporters, so feel free to reach out to us https://www.pupella.org/we-can-help


Photo by David Walter

If you are a female founder, a researcher with a groundbreaking idea, driven founder-to-be, or someone passionate about making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality? Look no further! PropElle is here to offer you an immersive, free-of-charge program tailored specifically to propel women forward in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ready to level up your business concept or entrepreneurial skills? Dive into six exhilarating sessions designed to ignite your imagination and propel your ambitions forward. These sessions aren't just about learning; they're immersive adventures where diverse perspectives merge, sparking vibrant discussions and hands-on activities that'll fuel your inspiration.

Course overview

  • Session #1: KICK OFF on Friday, January 26th, 9 - 11:30 AM (Online)
  • Session #2: GROWTH MINDSET on Friday, February 02nd, 9 - 11:30 AM (Basel)
  • Session #3: IDEATION, VALIDATION & GO 2 MARKET on Friday, February 09th, 9 - 11:30 AM (Online)
  • Session #4: MONEY MINDSET on Friday, February 23rd, 9 - 11:30 AM (Online)
  • Session #5: NEGOTIATION & COMMUNICATION on Friday, March 08th, 9 - 11:30 AM (Online)
  • Session #6: PITCH & BRUNCH on Friday, March 22nd (Basel) 🥂🎤

Practical Information:

📅 Course Dates: January 26th – March 22nd, 9-11 am (Fridays)

📍 Location: Online (Sessions 1, 3, 4, 5) & Home of the Innovation Office, Pupella Innovation Garage, Kreuzstrasse 4, 4123 Allschwil (Sessions 2 and 6)


Hurry, as space is limited to a maximum of 10 participants! Apply now via this link: https://forms.gle/nZCDmsUQQW8rV5tZ7. Deadline for registration: January 15th, 2024.

Participants will be selected based on their application. Seize this opportunity to unlock your potential in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with PropElle! 

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