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Guest Lectures

Contributions towards travel and accomodation costs of guest speakers are allocated within the framework of scientific/research retreats for PhD students or Postdocs, provided that they include presentations by PhD students and Postdocs (cf. scientific retreats). Members of University of Basel teaching staff may submit an application with regard to specific research retreats for PhD students or Postdocs, thereby promoting academic excellence at the University of Basel.

An application for a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs of a guest speaker (no fees) can be submitted within the context of a scientific retreat for PhD students and Postdocs at the University of Basel.

Submission deadlines

1 February, 1 June, 1 October

By the decision of the Albrecht family, the capital of the former Albrecht scholarship fund may be used for the travel expenses of international guest speakers, preferably in the humanities and cultural studies disciplines.


Application form: Please complete this form online and submit the PDF print-out with the following documents via postal mail:

  • Program
  • budget
  • List of participants

Please submit the application with the original documents as a hardcopy.

The Vice Rector of Research is responsible for the approval of funding. There is no legal entitlement to the granting of funding.




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