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Data Protection Review

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The purpose of a data protection review is to identify potential risks before the collection and processing of personal data and to minimize them where possible.

  • Data Protection Review for Research Projects

    Basic legal questions should already be considered during the planning of and before the start of a research project, including whether the project complies with data protection requirements.
    If an ethics self-assessment of the University Ethics Committee (UEK) shows that a planned research project does not require approval, a data protection review of compliance with data protection rules is sufficient. Such a review is carried out in collaboration with the Data Protection Officer; please fill out the corresponding application form to start.

    If you have questions, you can contact the Data Protection Officer's team by email at any time.

  • Protection needs analysis for digital services

    Before introducing a new digital service for teaching, research or administration, a protection needs analysis must be initiated. For this purpose, the protection needs analysis (Intranet) is completed and submitted. If there is likely to be a high risk to the fundamental rights of data subjects, a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) must be carried out.

    Please note that a specific Data protection notice and Terms of use may need to be prepared for the service. The Data Protection Officer's team will assist you in drafting and reviewing the corresponding documents. Creation of a new website (IT-Services) also requires a data protection statement.

    If you want to use a new tool, please contact the Data Protection Officer.

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