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Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral Candidates (© University of Basel)

Various options are available for PhD funding, in particular personal scholarships and project grants. However, you can not solve the funding question by yourself.

Financing Doctorate at the University of Basel

  • Project Funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation

    Funding possibility for doctorates within the framework of successfully submitted SNSF research projects by the supervising professor. Project submission as principal applicant is only possible from the postdoc level or under the supervision of a professor.

  • Research Fund of the University of Basel for the promotion of outstanding junior researchers

    The research fund awards grants to outstanding junior researchers at the University of Basel who are pursuing an academic career and have already distinguished themselves through their outstanding achievements. The fund provides grants for completing their dissertations to outstanding PhD students from the following faculties: Theology, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business and Economics as well as PhD students in educational sciences and in social or organizational psychology.

  • Nikolaus and Bertha Burckhardt-Bürgin Foundation

    Currently, the Foundation Board is in the course of revising and realigning the funding purpose of the Foundation. Further information will follow in 2024.

  • Private Foundations

    Various foundations and funds are available for scientific or academic projects related to the University of Basel.

  • Further information

    Here you will find further information about doing your doctorate at the University of Basel (GRACE).

Contributions for PhD students with children

  • get on track

    The «get on track» funding line is aimed at mothers and fathers doing their doctorate at the University of Basel. With the aim of enabling them to complete their doctorate within the given time frame, release options are advertised every semester.

Scholarships for foreign researchers

  • Find a PhD position

    Before you can take further steps towards a dissertation at the University of Basel, you will need a supervisor. With this person you will clarify topic and financing for the entire duration of the dissertation (preliminary information for international PhD candidates).

  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

    The Swiss Confederation provides various types of scholarships to international students through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). These scholarships enable researchers from all disciplines to continue their doctoral or postdoctoral research at a public or state-recognized Swiss university. Scholarships and conditions depend on the country of origin.

Mobility and research stays abroad

  • Doc.Mobility@unibas

    Doc.Mobility@unibas are mobility grants from the University of Basel, which can be applied for by doctoral students wishing to improve their scientific profile at a research institute abroad.

  • Government scholarships

    The swissuniversities scholarship service manages foreign government scholarships from more than 30 countries on behalf of the Confederation. The scholarships are intended for Swiss students, researchers and partially artists for a study or research stay abroad.

  • Doctorate abroad

    The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is an intergovernmental organization specialized in basic research in the life sciences. The EMBL announces an international doctoral program.

Conference participation

  • Travel to congresses and conferences with own scientific contribution

  • SAGW travel funds

    To promote communication and the exchange of research results in an international context, the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) provides travel grants to junior researchers.

  • Private foundations

    Various foundations and funds are available for scientific or academic projects related to the University of Basel.

Grants for scientific retreats or graduate events

  • Grants for scientific retreats

    The Rectorate of the University of Basel offers an annual grant to carry out events for junior researchers. Support is provided for disciplinary and interdisciplinary, intra-university, national or international events for junior researchers, such as meetings for PhD students with external experts.

  • Grants for guest lectures

    The Albrecht Travel Fund provides support to certain further education events as part of doctoral promotion at the University of Basel. Applications for guest speakers may be submitted provided they contribute to the further qualification of junior researchers as part of scientific retreats or graduate events at the University of Basel.

  • Scientific Exchanges

    Scientific Exchanges is aimed at researchers who want to organize their own scientific event in Switzerland, invite foreign colleagues for a research stay in Switzerland or visit them abroad.

Publication costs

  • Printing cost contributions for publication of dissertations

    The Vice President's Office for Research awards printing cost contributions to applicants who have completed their doctorate at the University of Basel. A contribution towards printing costs can also be requested from the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Law.

  • Editing cost contributions for papers in English

    With the funding instrument «Academic Editing», the University of Basel encourages its doctoral students to to enhance their scientific writing skills for research publications in English.

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