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Life in Basel

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What makes Basel so attractive as a university city is its ideal combination of excellent conditions for research and studying, flexible intercommunications, a high standard of living and a worldly, open-minded atmosphere. Basel is a city of manageable size, offering a rich assortment of cultural and sports activities, appealing housing options and exciting career perspectives.

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Learning-conscious and innovative

Basel is one of the most successful economic regions in the world – a fact reflected in the research focuses of the University. Global companies in the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries, nano and medical technology as well as in finance and logistics make a sizable contribution to the prosperity of the region while fostering a climate of innovation.

Academia and culture have always enjoyed a high level of respect in the city. With a tradition going back more than 550 years, the University is intimately integrated into the society and economy of the city, opening its doors to the general public at special events. This close bond between Basel as a city and a place of learning and education is reflected by the large number of foundations as well as private and institutional sponsors that fund research projects and university facilities.

Interconnected and easy to navigate

The University is spread out over several properties throughout the entire city. Most of the libraries and research institutions are quickly accessible by foot or bike. Certain departments  are clustered in easy-to-navigate campus areas.
Some of the social science departments  are located in the old town, in patrician houses that have been restored with great care and fondness. The Faculty of Law and Faculty of Business and Economics are located near the train station. The dynamic development of the Natural Sciences and Medicine faculties has given rise to new parts of the campus located near the University Hospital.

Traditionally-minded and modern

Culture is written with a capital C in Basel and is an unmistakable part of the city's image. In addition to the old town that remains intact, numerous specimens of exquisite modern architecture and art are encountered in the city's public spaces. Thanks to its extraordinary number of concert halls, theaters, museums and exhibition spaces as well as famous orchestras and festivals, Basel is a city of culture to be seen and heard.

A creative art scene has emerged, inspired by various art schools, the Art Basel international art show and a rich museum landscape. Numerous choirs, orchestras, music and theater groups – both part of and separate from the University – offer interested individuals more than just musical enjoyment, but rather the opportunity to engage oneself musically and artistically as well.

Cosmopolitan and inclusive

Basel enjoys a reputation as a cosmopolitan, worldly city. As the central place of business for major world-class corporations, the city attracts many highly qualified employees from abroad, offering them excellent work and research conditions and close contact with the University. Thanks to its location in the three-country region, tens of thousands of cross-border workers commute each day to their jobs in the city, lending the city its international flair.

The worldly character is underscored by the role of Basel as a venue for major domestic and international trade fairs and sporting events. Exhibitions, numerous festivals and, not to be forgotten, the Carnival of Basel attract numerous visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Basel offers foreign language-speaking families a choice of international schools and a specific range of information.

Diverse and affordable

Basel offers the right selection of relatively affordable housing for any taste. Many students prefer the lively atmosphere of Kleinbasel, while others prefer the more centrally-located districts. Those seeking a quieter location will find what they are looking for in the traditional residential districts, which boast manicured parks and green spaces. Several new building projects offer an ideal blend of urbanity with the convenience of newly constructed family-friendly apartments. Thanks to the excellent transit connections to the entire region and the proximity to the borders of other countries, studying and working in the city can be perfectly combined with the more relaxed pace of living in the surrounding areas.

The Rhine is a veritable local recreation area for the city. Numerous restaurants and cafés invite guests to relax and linger. Every day in the summer, thousands of people enjoy a refreshing swim in the river.

Sporty and family-friendly

The city and the University of Basel offer plenty of options to facilitate a healthy balance between career, family, work, leisure, academia, culture and sports.

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