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Technology Transfer

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Unitectra - Patents, Licenses and Research Contracts

Unitectra supports the university and its researchers in the commercial exploitation of research results. This includes in particular:

  • Evaluation of inventions
  • Protection and management of intellectual property (especially patents)
  • Negotiation of licenses with implementation partners (existing companies or newly founded spin-off companies)

In addition, Unitectra supports researchers in negotiating research contracts with partners from the private and public sectors. Unitectra is responsible for the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Psychology. Research contracts for the other faculties are handled by the Legal Services team.

Unitectra is a joint organization of the Universities of Basel, Bern and Zurich.

Contact: mail@unitectra.ch


FAQ - Technology Transfer

  • Who provides advice on patents, contracts and cooperation with business partners?

    Unitectra, the technology transfer organization working for the Universities of Basel, Bern and Zurich, advises you on issues relating to the commercial exploitation of research results (patenting and licensing), the founding of spin-off companies and the negotiation of research contracts.

  • What is a patent?

    A patent legally protects an invention for 20 years. Inventions that require high investments for their economic realization must usually be patented in order to be of interest to an industrial partner. An invention is patentable if it is novel, non obvious and if it is useful. If you have made an invention, contact Unitectra as soon as possible.

  • When does one conclude a license agreement?

    Intellectual property developed by university staff during or in connection with their employment belongs to the university. A license agreement allows a third party to use it commercially under defined conditions and against payment of appropriate license fees, whereas the university remains the owner of the intellectual property. Unitectra supports you in drafting and negotiating appropriate license agreements.

  • Why is it necessary for partners of a research cooperation to enter into a contract?

    A research cooperation agreement defines the rights and obligations of the partners involved. This is particularly important if one of the partners comes from the private sector and thus naturally has slightly different interests from those of the academic partner. In any case, it is important that the freedom of research and publication is not affected. Publications can be delayed for a short period of time if interesting results need to be protected by a patent. Unitectra supports you in drafting contracts and in handling negotiations with business partners.

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