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University Research Funding

Universitäre Förderquellen
Cavity mediates strong interaction between light and matter, (Image: © University of Basel)
Application submission

Applications can be submitted on February 1 and September 1. Please note the details in the Information Sheet on application submission for strategic research projects. Each project must be registered in the Grants Tool of the University of Basel prior to application.

Contact: Sigrid Ayadi
Assessment Panel: Research Committee of the University of Basel



  • How will I be supported in the application for a major research project?

    The Research Fund of the University of Basel provides start-up financing for the preparation of applications for major projects such as ERC or NCCR.

  • What is the deadline for research fund applications?

    Research fund applications for strategic and interdisciplinary projects can be submitted on 1 February and 1 September.

    Applications for the establishment of a research network, as well as funding applications for scientific activities of a recognized research network of the University of Basel can be submitted at any time.

  • What is the maximum amount funded by the research fund?

    Researchers of the University of Basel May apply to the Research Fund for a maximum of CHF 50,000 for the preparation of strategic and interdisciplinary projects or for scientific activities of recognized research networks.

  • What funding categories does the research fund cover?

    The Research Fund provides funds for the preparation of major projects as well as for scientific network activities:

    Applications for strategic and interdisciplinary projects:

    • Salary for a staff member (i.e. study nurse, lab/technical assistant, etc.)
    • Funds for leave of absence
    • Project-relevant material resources

    Applications from recognized research networks at the University of Basel:

    • Scientific activities such as organizing conferences, guest lectures, Visiting Scientist Program, etc.
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