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Information Supply & Information Technology (IVIT)

IVIT Strategy 2022

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This IVIT Strategy 2022 aims to provide an environment that is optimally tailored to the needs of research, teaching and support services and that is fit for the future.

IVIT Governance Grafik

What is IVIT?

The University of Basel has a century-long track record of preserving, producing and passing on knowledge. The libraries play a leading role here. However, the digital transformation is turning information supply and information technology (IVIT) into decisive success and competitive factors for a modern and innovative university. 

The IVIT strategy therefore aims to provide a future-proof environment that is optimally adapted to the needs of research, teaching and support services. 

The provision of IVIT solutions and corresponding services is based on the principles of innovation, coordination, agility, openness, security, economic efficiency, sustainability and accessibility.



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