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Chief Information Security Officer

University of Basel, Infrastructure & Operations, Chief Information Security Manager
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The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the University has a series of essential duties and responsibilities in the field of information security. These include advising the Rectorate and all other relevant stakeholders on information security matters, overseeing the Information Security Management System (ISMS), and continuously improving it.

Furthermore, the CISO is responsible for defining security measures, assessing their effectiveness, and providing suggestions for improvement. They regularly report to the Rectorate on information security issues and lead the University's Cyber Crisis Management Team. Additionally, they are in charge of awareness training initiatives for staff regarding information security and annually prepare a report on risk management and ISMS for the Rectorate.

The CISO plays a pivotal role in leading and shaping the Information Security Forum, where representatives from all IT service providers of the University of Basel come together. They collaborate closely with the SIVIT (Strategy Commission for Information Provision and Information Technology) and are a member of the IVIT-KOG (Coordination Committee of IT and Media Responsible Persons of Universities and Higher Education Institutions for Information Provision and Information Technology).

Moreover, the CISO informs the Rectorate about significant security incidents and is a member of the University Ethics Commission (UEK).

Kontaktieren Sie bitte den Chief Information Security Officer, Marcus Dantz, unter marcus.dantz@unibas.ch.

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