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Economics and Public Policy Abschluss: Master

The Master of Science in Economics and Public Policy focuses on the economic analysis of markets, political processes, institutions, and government interventions.

Universität Basel, Economics and Public Policy, Master

Public policy challenges are everywhere: How can we combat climate change and shape the economy towards a more sustainable future? Does the rise and dominance of new firms in the digital sector call for strict anti-trust measures? Does increasing concentration of incomes and wealth call for more redistribution or intervention on the labor market? How much government intervention is needed in a crisis like the 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic?

Course structure

The study program entails achievements totaling 90 credit points of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and a statutory period of study of three semesters. Part-time study increases the duration of the program accordingly.

Master of Science (90 ECTS)

Economics & Public Policy


Combination of Subjects

There is no possibility to combine this master with other master programs.

Career Opportunities

The Master of Economics and Public Policy prepares you for positions in private sector companies that are subject to public policy, in public administration that prepares and implements policy measures, in non-governmental organizations, international organizations and political parties that develop strategies for public policy, and in think tanks or policy consulting agencies that support all of the above actors. The program also serves as a preparation for a career in research and a possible academic track in the broad field of Economics and Public Policy.

By focusing on modern methods and gaining insight into several policy fields, you will be prepared to work in dynamic environments where priorities often change rapidly and where interfaces between policy fields become increasingly important.

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