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Critical Urbanisms Abschluss: Master

Critical Urbanisms

Urban lifeworlds in the twenty-first century

The Master’s Degree in Critical Urbanisms at the University of Basel is a four-semester English-taught program that trains a new generation of graduates to think and act beyond divisions of urban versus rural, and North versus South in order to address the complexity of urban lifeworlds in the twenty-first century. The program is supported by an internationally recognized faculty who work on and with cities and territories from a global perspective. The curriculum trains students to develop theoretical and practical competencies, oriented toward both scholarly and public platforms. This combination is essential in addressing the extraordinarily complex challenges of urbanization in the twenty-first century.

Two trademark elements of the program are:

  1. Interdisciplinary research practice that combines methods from the humanities and social sciences with creative practice and visual representation. Drawing from the disciplines of architecture, geography, history, sociology, political science and anthropology, the curriculum provides students with a unique grounding in urban research.
  2. Immersive learning in dynamic urban settings: Participants can choose between a semester of study and research on urbanism from the Global South, which takes place at the African Centre for Cities of the University of Cape Town, or a semester of study and multi-sited research exploring urban processes that work across North/South geographies.

Program structure

A master’s is a second degree that a person can earn after completing a bachelor’s and requires 120 credit points (CP) in total. The Master's Degree Program in Critical Urbanisms is a single-major degree, which means that no other subjects are studied to achieve the 120 CP. One ECTS credit point equates to approximately 30 hours of work.

This master’s degree program can be started in the fall or spring semester. Starting in the spring semester, however, may lead to a longer study time.

Master of Arts (120 CP)
Critical Urbanisms
120 CP

Combination of subjects

This master’s degree program does not include a second degree subject.

Career opportunities

The program prepares students for careers in a variety of national and international settings, from research institutions to local, regional, and national government planning offices, development aid organizations, NGOs, architecture and design firms, museums, urban planning and policy offices, international organizations, universities, and consultancy firms. 

Students will be equipped and are also encouraged to continue their studies at the PhD level to pursue an academic career.



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