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Computer Science / Informatik Abschluss: Master

with the Majors "Machine Intelligence" and "Distributed Systems"


Computer Science is a young science at the interface between mathematics and the engineering and natural sciences. It has an interdisciplinary character and deals with the possibilities of processing, storing, transmitting, displaying and using information from a scientific and technical perspective. Computer science develops information and communication technologies for science, business and society, which increasingly permeate our everyday lives and change our lives. Innovative computer science solutions are seen as the key to further technical progress. Computer Science faces a variety of challenges and offers countless opportunities to analyze complex problems, develop clever technical solutions, and thus help shape the world responsibly and creatively.

Course structure

The Master of Science degree is a postgraduate degree that requires a successfully completed Bachelor’s program. The program awards 90 ECTS credits in total. The Master’s degree program Computer Science is a so called mono-course consisting of only one core subject. Supervised practical work over the course of one year constitutes the core of the studies. One ECTS credit point roughly equals 30 hours of studying.

Master of Science (90 ECTS)

Computer Science


Combination of subjects

The degree programs at the Faculty of Science are generally mono-courses.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor's level qualifies for more practical fields of Computer Science such as software engineering, software support, data protection coordination, IT security, systems management, database architecture, IT resource planning, telematics, web development, IT course management.

The Master's program offers a higher qualification and prepares students for fields of work where strong analytical as well as conceptual skills are required, such as in industrial research and development, management or project management, or in the sciences.

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