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Finance and Money Abschluss: Master

Universität Basel, Finance and Money, Master

The specialized Master's program in Finance and Money at the University of Basel provides students with the conceptual knowledge and the methodological skills required for professional financial decision making. Students learn how to cope with Finance related challenges in the private sector, in governmental functions, and in research. And they gain insights on new market developments.

The curriculum is set at the intersection of financial markets and the monetary system. It builds on the economic analysis of financial markets, financial contracts and monetary institutions as well as corporate financial management processes, such as financing, investments, and valuation. Bringing these elements together, the interaction of monetary policy, financial markets, digital transformation, and the current and future challenges for the banking system and financial institutions are at the core of this program.

The Master's program in Finance and Money is both applied and research oriented. Throughout the curriculum, students can learn from a dedicated faculty known for its excellence in teaching and research.

Course structure

The study program entails achievements totaling 90 credit points of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and a statutory period of study of three semesters. Part-time study increases the duration of the program accordingly.

Master of Science (90 ECTS)

Finance & Money


Combination of Subjects

There is no possibility to combine this master with other master programs.

Career Opportunities

The Master's program in Finance and Money gets you prepared for a career in the financial sector, in particular at central banks, in the banking and insurance sector, in asset management, consulting, and at regulatory authorities as well as in the industry and the government. The specific activities such as research, risk management, valuation, financial analysis, investment management, corporate transactions, portfolio management, monetary and econometric analyses are the key focus areas of the program.

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