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Data Science Abschluss: Master

Data Science is a modern and interdisciplinary field of research. It is located at the interface between Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and Programming.

Universität Basel, Data Science, Master

Data Science is extensively applied in various occupational fields ranging from a classical academic career across industry to politics and health care. Nowadays, more and more huge volumes of data sets (“Big Data”) are generated. Therefore, Data Science applies a large variety of different methods like Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Deep Learning, algorithms and systems as well as scientific methods to extract knowledge, get insights, analyze and interpret these data. To address these questions, the field encompasses different applications starting with preparing the data sets for analysis, analyzing the data, develop data-driven solutions, and present findings to inform high level decisions in a broad range of application fields. Thus, Data Science is often called to be the fourth pillar in the spectrum of scientific methods, besides theory, research, and computational sciences. All these together makes Data Science a very diversified and fascinating field of research with versatile challenges. Furthermore, you can be creative and place your own ideas to solve problems and generate solutions.

Course structure

The Master of Science degree is a postgraduate degree that requires a successfully completed Bachelor’s program. The program awards 120 ECTS credits in total. The Master’s degree program Data Science is a so called mono-course consisting of only one core subject. One ECTS credit point roughly equals 30 hours of studying.

Master of Science (120 ECTS)

Data Science
120 ECTS


Combination of subjects

The degree programs at the Faculty of Science are generally mono-courses.

Career opportunities

With the qualification of the Master of Science in Data Science, and potentially a subsequent PhD, you acquire an excellent foundation for a very broad range of occupational fields. As the field of Data Science is very interdisciplinary the career opportunities make activities possible in the IT industry as well as in pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare industry. Research positions in industry and academia, leadership positions in academia and also job opportunities in banking and insurance companies, in the automotive industry, in government and administration as well as in policymaking are feasible.

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