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Childcare services for toddlers (age 0-3) comprise play-groups as well as various part-time or full-time daycare facilities (so called "Tagesheim" structures). Lunch services and daycare families are also offered. The fees of all these services depend on the parents' income: a full-time daycare service can cost up to 2200.- CHF per child; hence less for part-time daycare.

Schooling starts with the entry into the Kindergarten for kids in the age of 4-6. The obligatory Kindergarten is free of charge and takes care of children Monday to Friday (in the mornings plus one afternoon). The two years of Kindergarten and the six years of Primary school (starting with the age of 6) compose the first stage of school education (so-called "Primarstufe" with altogether 2+6 years). Daycare structures ("Tagesstrukturen" such as canteen services, homework monitoring etc.) and "Tagesferien" (daycare offers during holidays) are optional and subject to charges.
The following second stage of schooling ("Sekundarstufe") lasts three years; obligatory school education is accomplished after altogether 11 years. For more information read also the chapter "Schools".

There is a difference between public childcare options which are administered centrally and private options which need to be contacted individually. The latter ones are partly focusing on special needs (such as extra languages, therapeutic pedagogy, reformist pedagogy following Montessori, Rudolf Steiner etc., and confessional education).

Due to the high demand for childcare services, we generally recommend registering your child at nurseries and daycare facilities early.

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