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The Swiss school system includes free public schools as well as private schools that cost money. Both options are very good and the highest secondary school leaving certificate (Matura) offers excellent preparation for university-level studies. The choice is often based on the intended degree and the specific paths available to children and young people.

Schooling starts with the entry into the obligatory Kindergarten for kids in the age of 4-6. The two years of Kindergarten and the six years of Primary school (starting with the age of 6) compose the first stage of school education (so-called "Primarstufe" with altogether 8 years). Daycare structures ("Tagesstrukturen" such as canteen services, homework monitoring etc.) and "Tagesferien" (daycare offers during holidays) are optional and subject to charges. In the cantons BS and BL French is taught as first foreign language (from the 3rd class onwards), followed by English (from the 5th class).
The following second stage of schooling ("Sekundarstufe") lasts three years; obligatory school education is accomplished after altogether 11 years.
Thereafter youngsters have additional options, such as obtaining a maturity exam at a High School (Gymnasium), a professional maturiy at a Professional High School, or attending a occupational apprenticeship (Berufslehre) etc.

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