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antelope Career Program

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antelope - for the leap ahead. In this competitive, compact and tailor-made career program, highly qualified female postdoctoral researchers and excellent, advanced doctoral students from all faculties are supported in the systematic planning and development of their academic careers and prepared for future leadership and management assignments.

Prof. Anna Petrig, antelope professorship 2016

antelope was the starting signal for me to enter the application race for a professorship. Then professional accompaniment and support during the whole marathon – up to the successful finish!

Prof. Anna Petrig, antelope professorship 2016


antelope professorship accompanies you on your way to becoming a professor by offering you a range of customized modules. The program consists of the three elements career camp, coaching and career toolbox. A kick-off and a closing event round off the program. In the career camp you will undergo intensive appointment training. You attend two individual coaching sessions on the topics of funding and leadership/empowerment, in which you discuss your concrete research proposal and reflect on your leadership style or strengthen your success strategies. The career toolbox offers you a maximum of CHF 1,000 which you can use for a career-promoting trainig measure of your choice, such as media training, negotiation or manuscript coaching sessions and meetings with experts.

Admission requirements

You are a highly qualified female postdoctoral researcher or an extremely promising female doctoral student shortly before graduation at the University of Basel or at a Basel university clinic. You want to advance your academic career, optimize your skills profile, and prepare yourself for future appointment procedures.

Application procedure and terms of participation

antelope 2021: The next call will be published in early December 2020.

With your application you agree to our terms of participation.

In principle, attendance is required at all program elements. Failure to attend may result in exclusion from the program.

Selection process

The selection is made by the antelope Selection Committee and coordinated by the Diversity Unit. The Selection Committee consists mainly of members of the Junior Researchers Committee and the Diversity Committee as well as representatives from the university hospitals.

antelope Selection Committee


Prof. Andrea Bieler


Faculty of Theology


Prof. Birgit Cornelia Donner


Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Thierry Girard


Medizinische Fakultät


Prof. Karin Hartmann


Faculty of Medicine


PD Dr. med. Nicole Ritz


Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Martin A. Guggisberg


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Prof. Henriette E. Meyer zu Schwabedissen


Faculty of Science


Prof. Richard Neher


Faculty of Science


Prof. Ulf Schiller


Faculty of Business and Economics


Kick-off event «Mission Possible»

This kick-off workshop lays the foundation for your successful participation in the antelope program. You receive an orientation to the program as well as meet your fellow participants and start to build a new network of mutual support for this crucial phase of your career.

Career Camp

As part of the two- or three-day career camp, you look intensively at the topic of appointment procedure and application. In addition, this external camp serves to build networks and promote interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

Depending on your assignment to a faculty, you will be assigned to one of the two Career Camps. The Career Camp for participants from the Faculty of Medicine takes place on 25 and 26 August 2020 and the Career Camp for participants from other faculties will take place from 16 to 18 June 2020.


You attend two individual coaching sessions on the topics of funding and leadership/empowerment, in which you discuss your concrete research proposal and reflect on your leadership style or strengthen your success strategies.


Portrait Matuschek
Susanne Matuschek

A successful academic career includes the recruited third-party funding as main applicant of funding organizations such as the SNSF. In one coaching session, this Coaching Funding offers the development of a strategy which national funding instruments are best suited for you as a researcher, which timing or which third-party funding cascade makes sense. In addition, you will be given concrete advice when preparing an application or with a «final check» of the application and application documents. The different target groups are considered in this offer as follows:

Coaching Funding Advanced Postdocs & Clinical Researchers

The challenges faced by advanced postdocs and clinical researchers have risen successively in recent years, including extensive third-party funding as the main applicant, a stay abroad of a defined duration and the establishment of own a research group with PhD candidates. These topics will be included in Coaching Funding.

Coaching Funding for advanced PhD candidates

Planning Funding after graduation with the relevant topics of mobility, conception of your own research topic and project at early postdoc level.

Language: German and English
Time frame: April to October
Duration: one session per 60 to 90 minutes
Location: Coworking Nike Basel, Steinenvorstadt 24, 4051 Basel (5th floor)

Susanne Matuschek

17 years of experience in the topic of research funding and the support of early stage career researchers, clinical researchers and physicians with focus on women. Over 8 years at the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF): e.g. Program Manager of the Marie Heim-Vögtlin Grants (promotion of women) as well career advisory input for early stage career researchers. Chair of two European Working Groups on «Conditions of a Research Career in Europe» & «Gender Issues».

Since 2010 active in her own company MATUSCHEK CONSULTING: Coaching, Workshops, Trainings for third-party funding and Moderation in Science/Research and Clinic.

Empowerment or Leadership

Portrait Kleinhuber
Andrea Kleinhuber

A combination of group and individual coaching sessions offers you a space for working on some personal challenges. You choose one of the three workshop days, the individual coaching sessions will take place within one month afterwards. You will reflect on your emerging leadership profile (as leader with or without formal authority), explore ways of building effective work relations, and consider how you earn «the right to be followed» within the various contexts in which you are seeking to achieve goals together with others.


This interactive workshop will focus on the social nature of leadership and highlight some key qualities and skills associated with effective leadership. Next to hierarchical/formal leadership roles we will also consider informal leadership (for instance, leading peers).

  • Formal and informal leadership roles and settings
  • Leadership as relational art
  • Leadership as sensemaking process
  • Communication skills that enhance leadership impact

Language: English
Time frame: Group workshop 23 June 2020
Duration: group workshop 8 hours and individual follow-up 90 minutes
Location: group workshop: University of Basel, Advanced Studies, Steinengraben 22, 4051 Basel (Seminarraum 11AB)
Individual sessions: Coworking Nike Basel, Steinenvorstadt 24, 4051 Basel (5th floor)


In this workshop you will explore the topic of power and self-empowerment with a focus on typical challenges for women when it comes to career and professional issues as well as status and power games. Interactive exercises and guided reflections will present a framework for you to investigate how you manage yourself and different types of working relationships, how others perceive you, and how skilled you are at influencing others. On that basis you will develop new strategies for your personal empowerment and self-leadership.

  • Typical (career) traps for women
  • Power and communication styles
  • Recognizing and managing status games
  • Building a «repertoire» for dealing with difficult situations

Language: German and English
Time frame: Group workshop EN: 3 July 2020, group workshop GER: 14 July 2020
Duration: group workshop 8 hours and individual follow-up 90 minutes
Location: group workshops: University of Basel, Advanced Studies, Steinengraben 22, 4051 Basel (Seminarraum 11AB)
Individual sessions: Coworking Nike Basel, Steinenvorstadt 24, 4051 Basel (5th floor)

Andrea Kleinhuber

Andrea Kleinhuber is head of the leadership development function at University Hospital Basel and she also freelances as a coach, team developer, facilitator and trainer. She has completed a Master’s degree in cultural anthropology at McMaster University, Canada, as well as several postgraduate certificates in the fields of arts & media management, non-profit management, personnel & organizational development as well as change management at universities and colleges in Germany and Switzerland. Prior to taking her position as the hospital, Andrea Kleinhuber has worked in academic publishing, in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries as well as for the University of Basel. She is certified as a trainer and coach through the Schulz von Thun Institute in Hamburg, Germany, and completed further coaching certifications within other schools and traditions (e.g. with Robert Dilts & Steven Gilligan, Reinhold Miller, Claus Nowak and at the Milton Erikson Institute in Rottweil), giving her a broad range of approaches and tools to draw from in her work.

Career Toolbox

The career toolbox gives you the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to CHF 1,000 to fund a measure of your choice to promote your career and optimize your skills portfolio. You may request a financial subsidy for a measure that can be implemented quickly and easily, starting from your personal potential and individual needs. This measure can be based in different fields and relate to technical and interdisciplinary, interpersonal, methodological and analytical, and social skills. Specifically, it could involve: media training, manuscript or  negotiation coaching sessions, meetings with experts.

Please note that the entitlement will lapse after the end of the submission deadline on 30 September 2020!

Closing event

All antelope participants meet again at the closing event on 12 November 2020. In addition to an inspiring input from an expert, you will also receive your certificate.


Agenda antelope 2020

8 June

Opening, full day

April to October

Coaching Funding, 1 session per 90 minutes

16 to 18 June

Career Camp, full days with overnight stays

23 June/3 July/14 July

Workshop Coaching Leadership/Empowerment, once full day

25 to 26 August

Career Camp, full days with overnight stay

30 September

Application Deadline Career Toolbox

12 November

Closing, afternoon

About the program’s name

The name of the program, antelope, is an extended anagram of mentorship & training equal opportunities.

The antelope is a symbol of dynamism and advancement. In classical and medieval texts, the antelope (antalopus/antholops) is described as a very strong, wild animal that escapes capture by hunters; unless its horns become entangled in bushes:

«Es gibt ein Tier, Antilope genannt, das sehr wild ist, sodass ein Jäger ihm nicht nahe kommen kann, weil es so stark ist. Es hat aber lange Hörner am Kopf, die einer Säge gleichen, sodass es damit grosse und hohe Bäume ansägt und zur Erde wirft.»

Physiologus, Griechisch/Deutsch, übersetzt und herausgegeben von Otto Schönberger, Reclam 2001, S. 73.

  • Patricia Zweifel

    Deputy Head of Diversity & Project Leader

    Patricia Zweifel
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