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FAQ - Communication among students

This is a list of frequently asked questions about fostering communication among students.

  • How can I promote communication among my students in the context of my courses?

    In times of online teaching, many students lack contact with fellow students and lecturers. Lecturers can support students by introducing e.g. the following elements:

    • introduction rounds for each new composition of groups
    • formal working groups
    • peer feedback on tasks
    • Buzz Groups (see below)

    In Zoom sessions, breakout rooms are recommended for various purposes: for work in formal groups, but also, for example, for a short exchange in "buzz groups", which often meet in pairs within the session before a question is discussed in plenary. This not only lowers the inhibition threshold for students' participation, but also provides important feedback on one's own learning progress. All group work should include an opportunity to get to know each other before the productive phase.

    The chat can facilitate and prepare for free contact if students can arrange to meet and exchange contact details in this way. Therefore, lecturers should not prevent participants from chatting with each other in the Zoom preferences.

    In the case of completely asynchronous courses, the networking of participants can be supported, for example, by a forum in ADAM, as well as by encouraging communication via Zoom or tools for informal communication.

  • In the ADAM workspace of my course, students cannot see who else is also member of the workspace. How can I change this?

    For data protection reasons, neither the member gallery nor the list of members is activated by default in all workspaces on ADAM. This means that these two elements are not visible to readers.

    If you would like your students or all members of your workspace to see who is in the workspace with them, and would also like to make the list of members available to them, please check the appropriate boxes in the workspace settings in the Additional Features section for (A) Show Readers and (B) Participants List.

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