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Information and guidelines for lecturers

This page informs lecturers about current measures in connection with the Corona virus. At the end of the page you can find a number of FAQs. The information is updated continuously, most recently on 8 May 2020, 3:15 pm.

Lectures, tests, examinations and evaluations

Course evaluation and university-wide survey on digital teaching

5 May 2020: In consultation with the Deans of Studies, the President's Office has suspended the regular evaluation of courses in spring semester. Instead, a university-wide survey on digital teaching will be conducted at the end of the semester. This will give students and lecturers the opportunity to give feedback on their experiences with this "extraordinary" corona semester. The aim of the survey is to gain insights into the potential and limits of digital teaching at the University of Basel. The report will be made available to all members of the university.

Interested lecturers can also obtain feedback on their own courses on a voluntary basis, which can only be viewed by themselves and is mainly used for discussions with students. They can request an online short questionnaire in EvaSys from the decentralized evaluation managers, which enables them to ask their own questions and receive qualitative feedback. The faculties can also offer other variants.

Lectures, tests and examinations

Friday, 17 April 2020: The Federal Council has announced that it may not be possible to resume teaching at universities until 8 June. This confirms the University of Basel's concept of offering teaching exclusively in digital form by the end of the spring semester. Since precise forecasts are also uncertain for the period from June onwards, the concepts developed with the faculties for the upcoming examinations will also be implemented as planned. Wherever possible, examinations will be held via digital channels. In individual cases, the faculties may also plan to hold examinations with physical presence, provided that the relevant hygiene and distance regulations are observed. We have drawn up an operating concept for this type of examination, which has already been approved by the Basel-Stadt Department of Health. The students will be informed accordingly by their lecturers.

Friday, 27 March 2020: The Vice President for Education and the Deans of Studies of the faculties have been working on solutions to implement the tests and examinations at the end of the semester. Here the most important points:

  • Every course (lecture, seminar, etc.) that is held this semester should be able to be completed whenever possible.
  • The University of Basel will be generous in the tests and examinations this semester. Failed tests and examinations should in principle be able to be repeated. The faculties determine the modalities and will inform the students accordingly.
  • The form of the tests and examinations can be adapted to the special situation. Lecturers will inform students in good time how the tests and examinations will take place.
  • The faculty information (mails/website) already communicated in the Corona crisis remains valid. Please continue to pay attention to the information mails and also regularly check the corresponding websites of your faculty.

Conducting online exams and certificates of achievement

Information for lecturers on how to conduct online exams and certificates of achievement can be found in this course on Tales which is regularly updated and expanded: https://tales.nmc.unibas.ch/en/online-exams-and-assessments-18/


Conducting oral exams via video conference

Information and recommendations for lecturers on how to conduct oral exams via video conference can be found in this document.


Registration of exams in the spring semester 2020 on ADAM

In the spring semester 2020, ADAM exams are possible under certain conditions. In order to distribute the load on ADAM, we ask you to register without obligation for all exams in which up to 30 students are active on ADAM at the same time (login, upload or download content, fill out test, etc.). This way you and we can see where exams are clustered and where equalization is necessary to keep the system available for everyone.

On the following website (login with Unibas user name and password) you will find further information and can register your exam there without obligation: https://wiki.biozentrum.unibas.ch/x/ofN0Cw


How to offer courses online

Information for lecturers on how to offer their courses online can be found in this course on Tales, which ist regularly updated and expanded:

You are of course free to continue using proven tools (see also Edutools https://edutools.unibas.ch/en/home/).

Data protection & copyright law

ZOOM and privacy

The University of Basel has licensed the US-American software ZOOM for digital teaching during the period of suspended classroom teaching. To protect the personal data processed by Zoom and its subcontractors, the University has signed the required Global Data Processing Addendum. Despite this addendum, no confidential, secret or particularly sensitive data may be transmitted, uploaded, etc. via Zoom.

IT Services published a list of FAQs (in German only) regarding data protection and security of Zoom: https://its.unibas.ch/de/anleitungen/applikationen-websites/digitale-meetings-und-unterrichtsformen/

Recommendations for the recording of events

April 4, 2020: The university has drawn up  recommendations for the recording of seminars and other events using video conferencing systems (e.g. Zoom) and the handling of such recordings. These can be downloaded here.

General information on data protection & copyright law

Please pay attention to data protection and copyright law when uploading videos or teaching digitally. Refrain from using information about clearly identified or contextually identifiable persons, e.g. photographs & film recordings of students, patients, etc., unless the persons concerned have consented to publication by you for this purpose. 

If you use works (images, texts, etc.) of other authors in your videos or online courses, please indicate the source of the works, especially in the case of works from the Internet.

Services offered by the university libraries

Although the libraries are closed, many borrowing and advisory services, as well as extensive digital services, are available to you and your students.

Questions & Answers

  • FAQs - Video Conferencing General

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about video conferencing and video conferencing tools (except ZOOM).
  • FAQs - ZOOM

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about video conferencing with ZOOM.
  • FAQs - ADAM

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about our Learning Management System ADAM.
  • FAQs - Further Tools

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about further tools used in online teaching.
  • FAQs - Online Exams

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about online exams and certificates.
  • FAQs - EvaExam

    This is a list of frequently asked questions about EvaExam.



Questions about the digitalization of teaching or conducting online exams:


Specific questions about your subject/course of studies:


Please contact your teaching commission


For technical questions, e.g. problems with login:


IT Services Service Desk:
email: support-its@unibas.ch
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