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University of Basel

Learning Spaces

How do modern technologies drive change in learning, and how does the university campus accommodate that development? What kind of learning environment can facilitate the modern learners’ diverse needs, both in physical rooms and e-learning settings? And how should different stakeholders collaborate on the way towards the “campus of tomorrow”?

The working group on “Learning Spaces” (AG Lernräume) tries to find appropriate answers to these questions. It connects the different players in the fields of campus infrastructure and services as well as didactics, in an ongoing process of conducting projects, evaluating and refining rooms and processes alike. Various pilot projects explore ways and methods e.g. of appropriate user participation, be it in workshops, through interviews or questionnaires, or in a permanent student group for early feedback on ideas and projects.

Working Group on Learning Spaces

Sabina Brandt
Educational Technologies, LearnTechNet

Dr. Gudrun Bachmann
Head of Learning and Teaching & Educational Technologies

Cornelia Eitel
University Library

Kristin Hoschke
Real Estate Development

Michèle Martin
Student Services / Room Allocation Management

Stefan Keller
Facilities, Campus Manager

Gamze Ünal
Student Union




Brandt, Sabina / Bachmann, Gudrun: On the Way to the Campus of Tomorrow. In: New Library World Vol. 117 Issue 1/2, 2016. PDF

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