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Creating an inclusive University

Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Universität inklusiv gestalten
University of Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Creating an inclusiv University. (Picture: © Adobe Stock)

An inclusive and diversity-sensitive culture is the basis for innovation and highest quality in studies, teaching, research, administration and management. Fairness and equal opportunities are supported by the promotion of diversity competence of all university employees as well as the inclusive attitude of the University of Basel on an institutional level.

Diversity & Inclusion Management develops, implements, and evaluates measures for diversity-friendly and barrier-free processes in the academy and administration.

With pragmatic and goal-oriented measures, we try to
within the various diversity dimensions, we try to meet specific needs. We offer diverse services and information to make everyday life at the university as pleasant as possible for all persons.


  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Universitäre Richtlinien

    University Regulations

    Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities are anchored in various documents of the University of Basel.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Namensänderung Transidenität

    Change of Name and Transidentity

    Change of first name, title and gender in case of transidentity.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Inklusive Sprache

    Inclusive language

    At the University of Basel, we cultivate a culture of language that is free of discrimination in order to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid thoughtlessly disparaging or offending people.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Kommission Diversity

    Diversity Committee

    The Diversity Committee supports the university in anchoring diversity, equality and equal opportunity as guiding principles and an integral part of university life. It is a strategic advisory body for topics and decisions relevant to diversity, equality and equal opportunities.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, Think Tank Gender & Diversity

    Think Tank Gender & Diversity

    The think tank aims at strengthening diversity competence at universities, promotes the dialogue between social actors in the field of gender equality and advocates for the establishment of application-oriented best practices across universities.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTIQ


    For the appreciation and support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, inter and other queer persons (LGBTIQ+) as well as to protect this Community against discrimination the University of Basel promotes the visibility and recognition of gender and sexual diversity.
  • Universität Basel, Diversity & Inclusion, All-Gender-WC

    All-Gender WC

    The installation of all-gender restrooms provides non-discriminatory and barrier-free restroom use for all.
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