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University of Basel

University of Basel

Grants Tool

Please remember that all proposals for third-party funding should be entered in the Grants Tool of the university, at least two weeks before the deadline.

In case you do not have an @unibas e-mail adress or if you have questions, please contact Grants Office.

General Information

The Participant Identification Code (PIC) can be used to identify your organisation in your interactions with the European Commission, in particular for proposal submission and grant agreement negotiation. Once the applicant or co-ordinator of a proposal enters the PIC in the online submission system, general information for the host institution is entered automatically. 

  • The PIC (Unique Participant Identification Code) for the University of Basel is: 999907914
  • University of Basel legal name: UNIVERSITAT BASEL
  • Institution Short Name: UNIBAS
  • LEAR: Legal Entity Appointed Representative:
    Anita Soltermann, Petersgraben 35, CH - 4051 Basel
  • NACE Code: 80.30 - Higher education

Our information document Horizon 2020 projects at the University of Basel informs you about everything you should know when participating in a Horizon 2020 project.

Research Fund

The university’s Research Fund offers financial support for proposal preparation to co-ordinators of collaborative projects and ERC applicants. Further details on how to apply can be found here



Eurostat recognised the University of Basel (Universität Basel) as a research entity (24.08.2015).

  • ID number: 2015/106/CH
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