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Café international

Cafe International

Café international is a new format since autumn 2018 to raise the awareness on "intercultural challenges and resources" and to complement existing offers at the University with an intercultural component (see list below). This initiative offers a variety of ways to thematize the topic - facilitating the start of newcomers as well as supporting the sharing of experiences within the University of Basel.

Conceived and organized by the Language Center and the International Office, this new series of events highlights diverse themes twice a semester. In view of the complex and enriching topic, Café international seeks to raise awareness, inform and to initiate reflection. Events may include: presentations and discussions, artistic interludes, exchanges in diverse formats, and first-person accounts by incoming and outgoing persons and interested parties.

Equally welcome, are the experiences and expertise of members of the University community, as well as contributions and recommendations by external experts.

The aim is to make available a low-threshold and convivial offer with added value:

  • Input and exchange about personal experiences on intercultural challenges for persons studying and working at the University of Basel
  • Development of strategies in this regard, including best practices
  • Informal exchange at an Apéro.

We would like to invite all newcomers (international Master and PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, lecturers, visiting researchers, and employees) as well as interested local persons from the University and its affiliated institutions who are interested in the topic.

These events are an open platform for initiatives and exchange with an intercultural focus inside and outside the University – suggestions and ideas are most welcome!

Events in autumn term 2018

Please contact us on welcome@unibas.ch with your suggestions, if you are interested in any of our events, or if you would like to be included in our mailing list.

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