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Naming conventions for websites

The names of all University of Basel websites (DNS name; DNS = Domain Name System) are displayed worldwide within a hierarchical namespace. The DNS server for management of the unibas.ch DNS branch (unibas domain or unibas namespace) is operated by IT Services.

1. Names within a department’s domain

Service names within the existing domain of an organizational unit may be defined by the project managers.


  • The name must be unique.


  • xy-webauftritt.kurznameeinrichtung.unibas.ch
  • wiki.its.unibas.ch
  • xy-kongress.wwz.unibas.ch

List of existing domains
(accessible only within the University of Basel intranet)

2. Service names directly within the unibas.ch domain

For interdepartmental websites, it is possible to assign a name directly within the unibas.ch domain.


  • Service names directly within the unibas.ch naming sphere must be agreed with the Web Desk. The Web Desk decides in consultation with IT Services on the allocation of these names.


  • General names for university-wide services

  • Specific names that are clearly needed by only one organizational unit.


Services cannot be entered directly in the unibas.ch domain if they contain titles or names of people.

Service names at the level below unibas.ch may be refused. A service name cannot be published unless it has been officially confirmed by IT Services or the Web Desk. The originator shall be responsible for costs arising due to a lack of approval.


General guidelines for the naming of web presences

1. The minimum length of the service name is 4 characters.

2. The host part of the name (incl. institutional abbreviation and hyphen) must be no longer than 15 characters.

3. The name must contain no special characters (exception: hyphen).

4. The name must contain no spaces.

5. The name must not contain capital letters.

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