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Tips on Income and Expenditure



1. Save through reduced consumption of materials and resources

By ensuring that you use fewer resources and materials at your event, you reduce the financial expenditure of your event or that of the entire institution. Save accordingly through, for example, waste reduction, recyclable conference materials, smaller gifts, less advertising material, etc.

2. Search for sustainable sponsors

More and more companies are focusing on sustainability and are looking for sponsoring opportunities that will highlight this commitment. By implementing sustainability in the management of your event, you increase the likelihood that these companies will support you. For this reason, communicate with potential sponsors specifically about your sustainability actions.

Further Information

  • Öbu members (in German) - The members of the Öbu are companies that are committed to sustainability and therefore would be suitable as sponsors.
  • Coop / Migros / Alternative Bank Schweiz (in German) - Examples of sustainable sponsorship principles that highlight what companies mean by sustainable projects.

3. Use local producers and service providers

When possible, try to purchase local products and to engage businesses from the Basel region as service providers. By doing so, you are helping to support the local economy and also acting in an environmentally friendly manner, since transport mileage is often reduced through regional purchasing.

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