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1. Select hotels in the vicinity of the event venue

Select (or recommend) accommodation facilities that are located in the vicinity of the event venue, so participants can get there on foot or by public transport. Also look for good and quick connections to the event using public transport.

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2. Recommend sustainable hotels in Basel

When selecting accommodation, try to ensure that the hotels take sustainability issues into account in their operation. Do they make efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, or is the hotel socially responsible? Guidance is offered by the sustainability label Ibex-Fairstay, or by ISO 14001 certification, ensuring compliance with particular environmental requirements.

3. Highlight accessible, wheelchair friendly hotels

Indicate on your homepage and in the invitation, which hotels are wheelchair accessible. The relevant hotels should satisfy the following criteria (relevant hotels in Basel are listed below): entry without steps, lift available in multistorey establishments (min. 80 x 120cm), door width at least 90cm, bathroom and toilet facilities wheelchair accessible, barrier free shower.

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4. Sustainable behavour in hotels

In the hotel, one can act in more sustainable ways with little effort. Ask your guests, for example, to save energy and water in the hotel. One possibility is to provide your guests with a copy of the information leaflet “Be a sustainable hotel guest”, produced by the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zürich. 

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5. Offer affordable accommodation

Offer more affordable alternatives to guests such as students, doctoral candidates, or visitors from countries with a lower level of income. In addition to more affordable accommodation (see links below), you can also try to organise couch surfing (e.g. amongst students).

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