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University of Basel

Teaching & Quality Culture

The University of Basel is a prominent comprehensive university distinguished by a diverse, clearly defined range of academic programs. The university embraces this diversity and recognizes its limitations. It is committed to the principle of research-oriented teaching. A culture of quality is the starting point for ensuring and developing quality in teaching, research and service.

In the spirit of this culture of quality, the Vice Rectorate for Teaching & Development guides and develops the procedures and processes that are in place at the University of Basel to promote and guarantee both high-quality teaching and research as well as sustainable development in higher education. To achieve these goals, the offices of the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Development operate at all levels of activity at the higher education institution.

Comments on the culture of quality from various offices

Teaching technologies

“Incorporating educational innovations into the university, stimulating discussion on the topic and keeping our eyes open – this is our main task.”

“University learning environments must enable innovative teaching and learning.”

“Teaching technologies provide methods for addressing the diversity of students in terms of inclusion and providing unfettered access to learning opportunities.”

“Digital learning opportunities can open up university teaching both to new audiences or the general public.”

Opinions heard at the language center

“A small world that taps into many other worlds.”

“Multilingual communications and international networking among students and staff are a priority for us.”

“We are committed to the quality of teaching and its needs-oriented orientation.”

Quality development

A university's success therefore depends on encouraging creativity and imagination in all areas, which at the same time always requires reflection in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and take steps to reinforce strengths while taking precise measures to address weaknesses.


“Cutting-edge research and teaching, regional and global responsibility as well as a respectful use of resources: we are concerned with sustainability as an overarching topic that encompasses all spheres of the University of Basel. Delivering on this promise is an important aspect of a culture of quality for me.”
Dr. Denise Bienz, Director of the Sustainability Office.


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