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University of Basel

Travel Fund

The University of Basel travel fund for academic career starters awards grants to junior academics from doctorate/PhD level in order to facilitate the transfer and adopting of methods and knowledge in research.

The contributions from the fund are of a supplementary nature and are only awarded if the university is able to ascertain that the applicant is not able to finance the project, partially or in full, through the institute's own or third-party resources.

There is no legal entitlement to the granting of a contribution.

The target groups, area of application and the basis for calculation are detailed in the information sheet and the policies of the travel fund. Please note that as of January 1st 2018 application with a total amount < CHF 150.00 cannot be submitted.

Fill out application form online, print out the PDF version and submit it to us with the requested signatures via postal mail or in person together with the following documents no later than four weeks after the applicant’s return:

  • Online application form (in German), signatures on hardcopy: department/supervising professor and applicant
  • Original receipts for trips by air/rail, conference fees, hotel (max. CHF 150 / night), meals (max. CHF 50 / day);
    small receipts must be attached to A4 sheets, the same type of costs are to be summed up and converted into CHF and the exchange rate declared on receipts.
  • Final report on content of this event, importance for your research, impact etc.
  • Abstract from the academic contribution
  • Letter of recommendation from the departmental representative (exception: habilitated postdocs and assistant professor(s))
  • CV with list of publications

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday (Thursday only in the morning)

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