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University of Basel

28 May 2019

New Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Basel

Prof. Dr. Giusi Moffa, die neue Assistenzprofessorin für Statistik
Prof. Dr. Giusi Moffa

The President`s Board of the University of Basel has appointed Prof. Dr. Giusi Moffa as Assistant Professor of Statistics.

Prof. Dr. Giusi Moffa, the new Assistant Professor of Statistics, has been working at the Basel Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CEB) since 2017. She will take up her five-year position in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science on 1 June 2019.

Moffa received her PhD in statistics from the University of Bristol in 2010 and then performed postdoctoral research in statistical bioinformatics at the Institute for Functional Genomics at the University of Regensburg. From 2014 to 2017, she was a senior statistician in clinical pharmacology for oncology at Novartis Pharma in Basel before joining the CEB. Early 2019, Moffa was a visiting scientist in the research group of Miguel Hernán at the Harvard School of Public Health. Since 2015, she has also been an honorary research associate in the Division of Psychiatry at University College London.

Moffa`s application-oriented and interdisciplinary work involves developing methods for clinical research, epidemiology and cancer genomics. Her methodological research revolves around causal inference and probabilistic graphical models for high dimensional data, with a particular emphasis on computational methods for Bayesian statistics.

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Iris Mickein, University of Basel, Communications, phone +41 61 207 24 25, mail: iris.mickein@unibas.ch


An image of Prof. Moffa can be found in the media database.

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