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Prof. Dr. Petr Broz. (Image: University of Basel, Biozentrum)

Persons Prof. Dr. Petr Broz

Photographer University of Basel, Biozentrum

Date 13 May 2020

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A loop of laser light connects the oscillations of a nanomechanical membrane (back) and the spin of a cloud of atoms (front). (Illustration: University of Basel, Department of Physics)

Occasion Laser loop couples quantum systems over a distance

Photographer University of Basel, Department of Physics

Date 07 May 2020

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Two ecotypes of threespine stickleback fish can be found in and around Lake Constance. Each has developed under the influence of its specific habitat: lake stickleback on the left and river stickleback on the right. The two ecotypes differ in numerous morphological and behavioral traits; most striking are the differences in body size and in the breeding coloration of the males (lower row). (Illustration: University of Basel, Daniel Berner)

Occasion Rapid evolution in fish: genomic changes within a generation

Photographer University of Basel, Daniel Berner

Date 27 Apr 2020

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European garden spider Araneus diadematus – adult female. (Photo: Rainer Altenkamp)

Occasion Following the insect meltdown, numbers of orb web spiders have drastically declined

Photographer Rainer Altenkamp

Date 23 Apr 2020

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Spleen of a mouse with fluorescent antibodies. The yellow areas contain Tfh cells that are involved in maintaining immunological memory. (Image: University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine, Ludivine Litzler)

Occasion Specialized helper cells contribute to immunological memory

Photographer University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine, Ludivine Litzler

Date 06 Mar 2020

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