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FAQ - Online Exams

This is a list of frequently asked questions about online exams and certificates in general.

  • For non-European languages, we want to check the handwriting skills of our students. In order to do so, the students should take a picture of the handwritten exam and pass it over to me. What is more suitable for this: unibas-e-mail or ADAM?

    With small groups of students, there is no technical reason to have a preference for either e-mail or the ADAM module "folder" (typ "post box") or module exercise. The e-mail-solution has the advantage that everybody is used to it and it is a pragmatic solution.

    Using ADAM is more laborious (logging in, creating the module, finding the module etc.), but also entails further options such as timing, all files in one place and - in the case of the module exercise - grading.

    You can find more information on both options in chapter 3.3 of the Tales course 'Online exams and assessments' https://tales.nmc.unibas.ch/en/online-prufungen-und-leistungsnachweise-18/ .

  • How can I test factual knowledge (e.g. vocabulary) in a fraud-proof way?

    An oral exam using video-conferencing is currently the best way to do this.

    Information on how to administer oral exams using video-conferencing can be found here: https://www.unibas.ch/dam/jcr:425d58b2-04f7-4a1a-85c6-3da87e8d7d63/Exam-via-video_UniBasel-Learning-and-Teaching_20200507.pdf

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