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Change of Name and Transidentity

Change of first name and gender for university employees

Changing the first name and gender entry within the central administrative systems of the University of Basel is possible for students without an official name change. This name change within the university's administrative systems only affects student status. It is not possible for employees (including student assistants and PhD students) to change their officially registered name and gender entry. Omitting the gender entry or a third, non-binary option are currently not possible.

We recommend the official name change, as this way the documents issued by the university match the official ID. If the change of a person's first name and gender has already been made officially, the name change can be applied for together with the changed official documents (ID, passport) without further information at the Student Administration Office or HR.

Students requesting appropriate changes directly from the University independently of official agencies must submit a written request. In the Fact sheet Change of Name and Transidentity you will find more detailed information about the procedure and the general conditions. The application is submitted using an application form.

If you have any questions about gender identity, you can contact the Diversity & Inclusion Office at the following address.


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