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Familyroom in the University Library
Image: University of Basel, University library (Image: ©University of Basel)

The university strives to make its family friendliness visible and perceptible in everyday university life. The range of appropriate furniture and premises is constantly being expanded. Here you will find information on the current family-friendly infrastructure.

Parent-child room in the University Library

It is a common study room, except that parents with a child or children have priority.
Room number 303, 3rd floor in the University Library at Schönbeinstrasse 18-20

Access: free to the opening hours of the University Library


  • Nursing corner with armchairs and privacy screen
  • Play corner for toddlers with toys and books
  • Changing tray, nappy pail and washbasin


Children's menu in student cafeterias of the University of Basel

Children up to the age of 6 can choose their favorite meal from three components of the daily menu for CHF 5. Older children receive the daily menus at the student price.

Children's menus are available in the Mensa Universität Basel and in the Mensa in the Department of Physics as well as in the Restaurant Biozentrum and in the Cafeteria La Strada.


High chairs for childern in student cafeterias

At least one high chair for children is available in every student cafeteria of the University of Basel.


Changing tables

  • Kollegienhaus (main building) at Petersgraben 1 in the accessible toilet, to the right of the entrance to the Great Hall. Room number 032.
  • Department of Classical Studies at Petersgraben 51 in the ladies' toilet on the ground floor as well as in the accessible toilet on the first floor
  • Medical University Library at Spiegelgasse 5 in the accessible toilet on the ground floor
  • Biozentrum at Spitalstrasse 41 on the 1st basement floor on the left and right along the corridor in the unisex toilets
  • University Library at Schönbeinstrasse 18-20, 3rd floor, room number 303


Lounger for pregnant people

  • Department of Classical Studies at Petersgraben 51, room number 104


Play Box in the Library of the Philosophical Seminary

In the library there is a play box for toddlers. The content of the box has been composed without small parts that can be swallowed.

Access: The box is freely accessible during the opening hours of the library.


Breastfeeding and nursing rooms

  • On the 3rd floor of the UB main library, there is a study room equipped as a parent-child room with several workstations, a play corner, a breastfeeding corner, and diaper-changing facilities.
  • In the new Biozentrum Basel, the key for the breastfeeding room can be picked up at the reception. This is located in the U1.
  • The Swiss TPH has a breastfeeding room at Kreuzstrasse 2 in Allschwil in the publicly accessible area near the library.
  • In the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Hegenheimermattweg 167B in Allschwil, there is a breastfeeding room, room B02.081, 2nd floor, entrance Core B. Free access for employees of the DBE. Students request access via Unicard, this is done with an email to infrastructure-dbe@unibas.ch. The room can be locked from the inside.
  • At Petersgraben 52 in the basement there is a rest and breastfeeding room, equipped with a couch, armchair, refrigerator and electricity. A water connection is located nearby. Access to the building is possible via Unicard. Write an request to key-security.facilities@unibas.ch.

Other than that, there are currently no special rest or nursing rooms available at the University of Basel.

In many cases, available meeting rooms or other areas that provide privacy are used.

Mutual tolerance is required to ensure that it is possible for mothers to nurse or express breast milk. Both mothers as well as supervisors must be informed and prepared ahead of time. It is useful to have a discussion concerning expectations and requests from both sides. You find further information on brestfeeding and pumping during working hours on our intranet.

If you need support in finding a suitable room, contact Diversity & Inclusion.

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