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University of Basel

Student Organizations

The student body of the University of Basel (Skuba) officially represents the interests of students at the University of Basel. Skuba aims to ensure that the interests and opinions of the students are taken into account by university bodies.

Alongside Skuba, numerous other student organizations are active at the University of Basel. They are committed to promoting culture, sports, environment, politics and religion, and thus contribute to the social life at the University of Basel.

Calcutta Project Basel

Each member contributes their ideas and particular skills to help the foundation continue its work to improve living conditions in Calcutta.

Calcutta Project Basel

Student Organizations

AIESEC is the world’s largest international student organization. Its members take an interest in global problems, leadership, and management.

Akademische Turnerschaft Alemannia is a dueling (fencing) society that accepts students from the University of Basel and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

Orange, white and green – Froburgers show their colors when studying, working, and at leisure. Students at the University of Basel can share their once-in-a-lifetime university experience with us, making friends across faculties and generations in the process.

The Akademischer Alpenclub Basel is a group of adventurous mountaineers who enjoy planning and leading their own routes. The club has more than 100 members, of whom most – but not all – are students and doctoral researchers at the University of Basel.

How to study properly? Instead of a theoretical answer, we offer you a broad network of friendship, mentoring in your studies, in your private life and in your career, as well as a varied range of leisure activities. All you need is commitment, curiosity and enrollment at the University of Basel. We are looking forward to you!

The Alevitische Studierendenverbindung Universität Basel, ASUB for short, is committed to a secular, contemporary, humanistic, solidary, environmentally friendly and democratic society against the background of Alevi values. An academic examination of Alevism is at the centre of ASUB’s activities.

Do you want to campaign for human rights? Are you interested in working for an international NGO? Amnesty Students Basel helps to keep human rights issues in the public eye.

The Association des Francophones des Étudiants de Bâle (AFEB) aims to bring together all the French-speaking students at the university in order to establish a link between students from different faculties and to facilitate their integration.

Do you want to make an active contribution to the integration of foreign children and young people? Do you enjoy explaining things and helping people to learn? Are you motivated, committed and reliable? Can you imagine yourself providing remedial education to children and young people? Then you’re in the right place.

The Christlicher Hochschulverein VBG Basel invites all students from all faculties to join and discuss questions of life and faith together.

CAMPUS live is a student society at the University of Basel. We use various events such as lectures and seminars to provide inspiration for study and life in general and tackle current topics. We also provide a forum for considering the Christian faith and what it stands for.

We give you the opportunity to make music with other students, members of the University, and anyone else who wants to come along. It’s also an opportunity to strike a balance between mind, body, and soul and to meet students from other faculties.

The European Law Students’ Association – ELSA for short – is a politically neutral, independent, and non-profit association for law students and young legal professionals.

The English Seminar Choir gives students the opportunity to practice their English through the medium of song. The choir has become a major part of the University of Basel and of cultural life in Basel. The English Seminar Choir is open to all enthusiastic singers, both students and nonstudents.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Basel offers exchange students leisure activities that allow them to socialize and learn more about  Switzerland and its culture.

foraus’ regional groups allow people with an interest in foreign affairs to meet in their area, network and help shape constructive foreign policies for Switzerland. If you wish to learn more about foraus, the regional groups are the first point of contact.

Our goal is to promote the consulting industry and to provide a platform for our members to develop their consulting career. To reach that goal, we're bringing together students from the University of Basel and ETH Zürich and providing them with a framework to prepare for case interviews.

The Helvetia Basel brings together current and former students of the University of Basel and aims to encourage political and historical understanding among its members.

IAESTE is an international exchange organization that arranges placements abroad for students in engineering and science faculties. IAESTE Switzerland offers internships in more than 80 countries.

Jurassia Basiliensis is is a color-wearing (farbtragend) student society at the University of Basel that offers lifelong membership. We have made it our mission to cultivate and cement friendships between our members.

As a Catholic university community, we are open to students and teaching staff of all ecumenical and religious leanings. Searching for answers ourselves, we allow ourselves to be challenged, inspired, and supported by the Christian faith.

The Marxist Society Uni Basel would like to address theoretical and practical questions of society-changing politics. In the reading circles we will deal with classics of Marxism.

The aim of the association is to promote public awareness of mental health and mental illness in everyday university life.

The Multilingual Toastmasters meet on a regular basis in the Collegiate Building of the University of Basel for training sessions to improve their rhetorical skills and leadership qualities.

Model United Nations is a simulation of the main bodies of the UN. Students from all over the world meet for conferences around the globe and debate current issues affecting world politics.

The Muslim Students Association University of Basel is a student association of the University of Basel. It aims to foster communication and exchange among Muslim students and between Muslim and Non-Muslim students as well as to help its members balance their academic life through the organization of several activities.

The NEO Network is a student think tank and network dedicated to explore and to address tomorrow‘s challenges with the leading industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs at the largest Swiss universities.

Offene Bühne is a platform for theater, poetry, music, and other fringe events. The stage is located in the lovingly restored cellar of the historic Engelhof building, which also houses the

The project Open Auditorium (German: Offener Hörsaal) aims at promoting refugee participation in the existing student auditing program at the University of Basel. The student auditing program is open to everyone and includes around 500 courses in German, French and English.

Are you looking for the camaraderie of the military at the university? The officer’s association regularly organizes events aimed at the preservation of basic military skills and further topics regarding the army, politics, history and economics.

The Queer Students Basel society serves as a meeting point for all LGBT students at the University of Basel, offering direct and uncomplicated contact.

The Reformiertes Pfarramt beider Basel an der Universität Basel sees itself as bridging a gap between the university and the Evangelical Church.

Do you enjoy winter sports? Are you a student? The Schweizerischer Akademischer Skiclub (SAS) offers a professional environment and supports ambitious athletes through to their participation in winter “Universiaden.”

The Schweizerischer Studentenverein is a society of Christian, color-wearing students and former students who come together to cultivate amicitia (friendship), scientia (science) and virtus (virtue).

The Schwizerhüsli Basiliensis society offers students from all faculties and universities a refreshing change from everyday university life.

The aim of the Science Slam Club Basel is to bring the research undertaken at the University of Basel to the public in an entertaining yet scientifically accurate way, in the form of the annual “Science Slam.”

The Studentische Körperschaft der Universität Basel (skuba) speaks on your behalf, that is, about student needs and interests.

Studenti Ticinesi a Basilea brings together students from the canton of Ticino and supports them in their transition to the University of Basel.

Would you like to demonstrate your commitment to society in a forward-looking, intercultural, fascinating and diverse field? Then the Foundation Calcutta Project Basel is the right place for you.

The student organization Students for Sustainability at the University of Basel (SDUBS) is devoted to promoting sustainability at the University of Basel.

The Sustainability Working Group is the contact point for all members of the university, especially students, for the implementation of sustainability projects at the University of Basel.

TRESA is a trinational economic student organization. Representing economic departments of the EUCOR partner universities in Germany, Switzerland and France, TRESA is fostering exchange among students and international organizations in the heart of Europe.

The university gardens allow students and staff at the University of Basel to get to know and try out alternatives to supermarket shopping.

Uni-T means «Uni(versität) t(anzt)» and is pronounced like the word «unity». The two parts of the name are representative of the philosophy of the 25-person dance group. A passion for dance and close camaraderie is what connects the members of the Uni-T family – something that is apparent not only during practice, but on stage as well.

The Unitheater Basel aims to put at least one annual production with professional direction or support from 2014 onwards. Uni Theater is open to all members of the University of Basel.

Uniwyy Basel organizes tastings and events to promote wine culture and social exchange among students of all faculties.

The aim of the association is to support freshmen in starting their studies and to foster cohesion among students of the nanosciences.

City history from a different angle? The Verein Frauenstadtrundgang Basel offers unconventional tours of Basel and the region from a gender-specific perspective.

Switzerland’s oldest student society currently has 400 active members and 3,000 former members.

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