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Student Societies

Akademische Turnerschaft Alemannia is a dueling (fencing) society that accepts students from the University of Basel and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW.

Orange, white and green – Froburgers show their colors when studying, working, and at leisure. Students at the University of Basel can share their once-in-a-lifetime university experience with us, making friends across faculties and generations in the process.

How to study properly? Instead of a theoretical answer, we offer you a broad network of friendship, mentoring in your studies, in your private life and in your career, as well as a varied range of leisure activities. All you need is commitment, curiosity and enrollment at the University of Basel. We are looking forward to you!

The Helvetia Basel brings together current and former students of the University of Basel and aims to encourage political and historical understanding among its members.

Jurassia Basiliensis is is a color-wearing (farbtragend) student society at the University of Basel that offers lifelong membership. We have made it our mission to cultivate and cement friendships between our members.

The Schweizerischer Studentenverein is a society of Christian, color-wearing students and former students who come together to cultivate amicitia (friendship), scientia (science) and virtus (virtue).

The Schwizerhüsli Basiliensis society offers students from all faculties and universities a refreshing change from everyday university life.

Socordia is the first feminist students’ association at the University of Basel. The aim of this lifelong bond is to promote feminist causes and debates at the University of Basel.

Switzerland’s oldest student society currently has 400 active members and 3,000 former members.

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