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Transcript of Records

A transcript of records is an unsigned document. It is issued by the President's Office to confirm the number of credit points earned each semester at the University of Basel. Transcripts should be retained because they complement one another. Among other purposes, transcripts are required for grant and scholarship applications and for transferring credit points to other higher education institutions.

Which information does a transcript of records contain?

Transcripts of records provide documentation of conclusive assessments undertaken at the the University of Basel along with the grade/mark awarded and the number of credit points earned. They will typically list:

  • Assessments undertaken within courses,
  • Assessments undertaken in accordance with a learning contract,
  • Bachelor's and master's theses, dissertations,
  • Bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and module examinations.

Student work is considered complete once it has been assessed by the relevant lecturer and processed by the Office of the Dean of Studies. In the event of a resit, student achievements will appear on the corresponding transcript of records only once the repeat examination has been completed.

Transcripts of records also include assessments completed unsuccessfully.

The following academic achievements are not included:

  • Assessments undertaken at other higher education institutions and credited at the University of Basel,
  • Waived assessments,
  • Courses offered by the Language Center at the University of Basel that were not announced in the official course directory,
  • Courses offered by the Graduate Center at the University of Basel within the transferable skills program for doctoral studentes and postdocs.

Students will have already received certificates for such courses from the respective provider.


Transcripts of records for the preceding semester are compiled in mid-February and mid-August and can be downloaded in PDF format from online services. Students who cannot access online services receive their transcripts by post.

Assessment period

Transcripts provide a record of all student work assessed during the period of one semester – regardless of the semester in which the student registered for the course. This period is 9 days behind the academic semester, i.e. the transcript for the 2018 fall semester (1 August 2018 – 31 January 2019) lists all assessments between 10 August 2018 and 9 February 2019. If a course was not assessed in the allotted time, the corresponding assessment will not be recorded until a later semester.

Amended transcript of records

Students may query any assessment or amendment within 30 days of notification. Once this period has lapsed, students will be deemed to have accepted their assessments. If any form of amendment is made, an amended transcript of records will be provided. Student Administration Services compile these amended transcripts around the middle of the month and make them available as PDF downloads in online services or send them by post to students who cannot access online services.


The authenticity of the PDF versions of the transcript of records, the academic record and the amended transcript of records can be verified at verify.unibas.ch if this is indicated in the document.

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