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Transcript of Records

A transcript of records is an official, unsigned document. It is issued by the rectorate to confirm the number of credit points earned each semester by students formally enrolled at the University of Basel. Transcripts should be kept in a safe place, since they are complementary. Among other purposes, transcripts are required for grant and scholarship applications or for the crediting of earned ECTS points at other universities.

Which information does a transcript of records contain?

Transcripts of records provide evidence for coursework and examinations undertaken at the University of Basel, together with the grade/mark awarded for such work and the number of credit points earned. Transcripts are issued especially for

  • coursework undertaken in courses and lectures,
  • coursework undertaken in agreement with a Student Learning Contract,
  • bachelor’s and master’s theses,
  • bachelor’s, master’s, and module examinations.

Student work is considered completed following its assessment by the responsible member of teaching staff and once it has been processed by the responsible Office of the Dean of Studies. Where applicable, student achievements will appear on the corresponding transcript of records only following an examination resit.

Transcripts of records also include unsuccessfully completed coursework and examinations.

None of the following kinds of student achievement will appear on a transcript of records:

  • coursework undertaken at another university and credited at the University of Basel,
  • any waived coursework,
  • any courses offered at the University Language Center that were not announced in the official course directory.

Students have already received attestation for such courses and coursework from the respective provider or institute.

Dispatch of transcripts within the stipulated period of time

Transcripts of records for the preceding semester are sent to students by post at the end of February and August, respectively.

Important notice

Transcripts provide a record of all student work assessed during the period of one semester – irrespective of the point in time when a student registered for the corresponding course or lecture. This period is 9 days behind the academic semester, i.e. the transcript of the 2014 fall semester lists all coursework and examinations with an assessment date ranging between 10 August 2014 and 9 February 2015. If a course or lecture was not assessed timely at the end of the respective semester, the corresponding coursework or examinations will not be recorded until a later semester.

Amended transcripts of records

Students may query any examination result or corrected assignments within 30 days of receiving their results. Once this period has lapsed, students will be deemed to have accepted their assessments. In case of any amendment, an amended transcript is sent out around mid-month by Academic Administration Support Services.

Replacement documents

Copies of transcripts already issued to students may be ordered from the Student Administration Office for a fee of CHF 10 per document. Ordered documents will be sent by priority mail.

Academic record

An academic record lists all coursework and examinations undertaken at the University of Basel so far. Academic records can be ordered from the Student Administration Office for a fee of CHF 10 per document. Ordered documents will be sent by priority mail.


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