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University of Basel


The Student Exchange Office coordinates exchange agreements at the University of Basel.

Exchange programs for University of Basel students

  • Europa through the Erasmus program
  • USA (MAUI-Utrecht Network Exchange Program)
  • Australien (Australian-European Network, AEN)
  • Brazil (REARI-RJ-Utrecht Network Exchange Program)

University of Basel agreements

The University of Basel has bilateral agreements with various European and non-European universities. As part of these agreements, University of Basel students have the option to study abroad for one or two semesters.

Top-up scholarships for semesters abroad

Top-up scholarships provide financial aid to study abroad or to work on a study or research project under university patronage in a country outside of the EU.

Government scholarships for Swiss students

On behalf of the federal government, the Rectors' Conference of Swiss Higher Education Institutions manages government scholarships for Swiss students. Government scholarships are listed under Government Scholarships. There are several other sections that provide information on funding options.

Grants for semesters abroad

The scholarship fund awards grants that make it possible for three to five students with limited resources to study abroad (bachelor’s or master’s level) at partner universities. The maximum award is CHF 2500 per person, per semester.

Current status of the Swiss-European Mobility Program (Erasmus+)

Following the passage of the mass immigration initiative, the EU suspended negotiations concerning the participation of Switzerland in the EU’s Erasmus+ program and reclassified Switzerland as a third country on 26 February 2014. On 7 March 2014, the Federal Council adopted a temporary solution that will allow Switzerland to participate indirectly in the Erasmus+ student exchange program.

A of 2016/17 students can indirectly participate in the Erasmus program as long as the respective partner university agrees to it. The federal government finances these scholarships. The size of these scholarships remains to be determined.

The Student Exchange Office, which coordinates exchange programs at the University of Basel, is currently working together with the contacts in the various departments to secure exchange availability for students by way of a bilateral agreement with the respective partner universities. For additional information and applications, University of Basel students should contact the appropriate departments.

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